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February 5, 2018

As a leading real estate and holiday rental company, Bennecke needs to innovate constantly. That’s why it has decided to expand its catalogue of services aimed at customer security. Bennecke’s insurance policies cover everything from home insurance to short- and long-term property rental, automobile, health and life insurance. We offer the best prices on the market and the broadest coverage available to customers. However, today’s piece focuses on holiday apartment insurance, something few homeowners know about but which is very valuable when taken out.

More and more people are deciding to use their second home for holiday rentals, whether to turn a profit on their property or to generate extra income. However, renting your house to strangers can cause doubt and uncertainty – a sound reason for taking out a specific insurance policy to cover any problems. In fact, it is mandatory in some communities. Civil liability policies are the most commonly requested but these only cover injuries suffered by guests inside the home and not damage to the property itself. We recommend adding coverage for a range of other potential incidents, such as electrical appliance issues, electrical faults, theft, acts of nature, etc. Many insurers offer these types of policies exclusively for holiday rentals and Bennecke is a specialist.

What’s the status of the tourism industry in Spain?

Spain received more than 80 million tourists in 2017, second only to France. Southern Spain has the best beaches in the Mediterranean, the north has a unique rural tourism offering and historical landmarks feature widely throughout the country’s provinces. Add to this a fantastic climate and Spain becomes attractive to tourists worldwide. And don’t forget domestic tourism. The Spanish love discovering new destinations, from the beaches in the south to the mountains of the north, all of which makes holiday rentals a very important sector.

Why take out holiday rental insurance?

If you’re going to rent your home, the last thing you want are headaches. The best way of avoiding these problems is to have good insurance that covers most situations. Imagine there’s a problem with your rental apartment before the guests arrive. The guests have come a long way and have to be put up in a hotel, as there’s not enough time to make the property ready for their arrival. Holiday rental insurance will cover these costs. Even if everything is in order and your rental property is in perfect condition, there are no guarantees that something won’t go wrong. So why not get insurance to take care of everything

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