BENNECKE: proud members of BGE

April 29, 2008

What is the BGE and why are we members??

The BGE (or Business Group España, S.C.) is a networking organisation of highly professional and fully legal businesses whose primary aim is to generate more trade for their members. They actively achieve this through word-of-mouth marketing and client referrals. Additionally BGE provides a ‘one stop shop’ which offers the products and services of the members direct to the consumers via their website and freephone services. This makes a wide variety of products and services quickly accessable for clients, we are practically just a phone call away. From plumbing and tiling over air conditioning and water purification to insurance and legal services, we have what you need. And if we don’t we sure know a member who does. For more information on the BGE simply visit

Why is BENNECKE a member and how do our clients profit from it?

It is very simple. Selling property nowadays is mainly a service based business. Everybody can sell you a house, take your money and leave you to deal with all the little bits and pieces that never go smoothly. It is our allround service, that makes the difference. For example when dealing in resale properties, there are always things, that need updating or refurbishing be it for the new or the current owner. There is legal work to be done, insurances need to be taken out, etc. Being a relatively small business, obviously BENNECKE cannot provide every secondary service. Now we don’t have to worry about finding the right people for the job. They are already here. We from BENNECKE have the piece of mind of referring our clients to fully qualified professionals, which also reflects on our reputation.

By the way BGE is owned, administered and run by the members. All the monetary profit made by the group is invested into advertising, public relations, training and support in order to generate new business for the members.


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