Bennecke is working for you

October 9, 2015

Bennecke is working for you

Bennecke is always working hard for you…

Bennecke has been actively providing Real Estate Agency services for many years now.

In fact Bennecke has become an expert in marketing apartments of the Señorío de Punta Prima residential complex, having participated in the sale & purchase of said apartments since construction began in 2003. Over recent years, on account of the changing tides of the market, we have had to employ new methods in order maximize productivity and ensure end results that meet both a certain standard of service and customer satisfaction.

Therefore we wish to take this opportunity to make owners of apartments aware of what they are being provided when they enter into an Agency Agreement with Bennecke.
Furthermore we also wish to explain and clarify whatever doubts owners may have especially with regards to our charges.

Pride & Transparency

We pride ourselves in being totally transparent. When an owner enters into an Agency Agreement with Bennecke, the commission stated on said agreement will be what is charged for the services provided and will only be modified provided both the owners and Bennecke agree to do so. There are no hidden charges or amounts added on top of the marketing price without the knowledge or consent of the owner. The same cannot be said of other agencies, who work without an Agency Agreement as comprehensive and as transparent as ours and who in many cases allow their collaborators to add undeclared sums on top of the original asking price. The latter is a practice which we do not condone from our collaborators.

In addition, we also wish to explain what is required to market a property in today’s market. Long gone are the days when properties literally walked out of the offices. Nowadays a vast amount of time and money is needed in order to attain a satisfactory end result and in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

We have a large team of professionals who between them sum up decades of experience in the property market. With offices in both Moscow and Sweden and with a global network of collaborators, we believe that we are well served and placed in order to reach a large group of potential clients. Furthermore through collaborations we are always looking to expand our position and tap into other potentially new markets.

We invest a huge amount of time and money in order market the properties in the most effective way by using the following proven methods:

The Bennecke Websites

The Bennecke websites, which are updated and maintained on a daily basis, is the main source of information for those enquiring about properties. Containing expertly taken photographs, video and information regarding the property and its surroundings.

Real Estate Exhibitions. We participate in all the main European Real Estate exhibitions with the purpose of promoting the Costa Blanca area and marketing our listing of properties. Over the years we have become very successful in converting general enquiries into actual sales. Furthermore it is also a great opportunity to meet and establish new contacts with local collaborators who will work in conjunction with us to further increase the turnover of sales.

Bennecke’s Newsletter, which goes in to circulation every month to hundreds of contacts, showing its latest properties and highlighting existing ones with great offers and discounts.

Bennecke also publish news concerning properties, the state of market and matters of interest regarding our surrounding area in the main Social Network portals such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Bennecke invest an important amount of money of their budget in placing adverts in local newspapers, Real Estate magazines and Real Estate internet portals.

With all the above in place, we believe we have established a position for ourselves to offer the best and most comprehensive pre and post sales service to all potential clients.


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